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    Choiches (by Bonnny)

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    William J. Sumits - Ford, 1948.

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    "Finnish forest roads rise and fall over more crests and blind brows than any other network of roads in common use for rallying. If these crests are taken at anything like a reasonable speed, cars will leave the ground, leap high into the air and come down with sickening crashes which find weak spots in any suspension and shake he very bones of competitors who are unprepared." - Motor Sport magazine

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    Aaarrrghhh be still my beating heart!!!

    For sale on thesamba.com

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    Bertone Lamborghini Genesis 1988, a grand-touring 5-seat MPV fitted with a Countach V12 coupled to an automatic gearbox. Canopy style gull-wing doors at the front with access to the rear via sliding doors.